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Born in Toledo, OH, Steven Mullan created Thunder Lily in 2015 as a garden of musical exploration and a space to enjoy being himself. In 2020 he released Volume One, a fantasy adventure album comprised of field recordings from another planet. Unedited piano improvisations and synth-driven dance singles followed, along with his second album, Volume Two — a study of sound and color frequency. Thunder Lily’s recent tours include opening for Delta Rae and Pip The Pansy and his next batch of songs is in the works. He currently lives in a fixer upper in Nashville with his wife, fellow artist Brittany Hölljes, and their giant dog, Torino.

Photo courtesy Andy Doh  @doh_tography


Get to Know Us

adventure supplies for vol 1 & vol 2

photo by Brittany Hölljes, 2021


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